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Feb 11, 1881 - March 9, 1946

In the lifetime of Fred W. Wells, real estate development, industry, and farming provided him with a varied scope of interests.  Born in 1881, he resided in Shelburne Falls and Greenfield for his 65 years.

 His wish to aid local residents is indicated in his will by the following:

  1. monetary awards to individuals for the purpose of aiding them to obtain an education,

  2. contributions to organizations that support the sick or aged by providing home, nursing, medicine or hospital care,

  3. grants to agricultural groups organized primarily for the advancement of agriculture.


Associated with the early founding of local industry, Mr. Wells was connected with his father in F.E. Wells & Son Co. which was absorbed by Greenfield Tap & Die in 1916.  Later, in association with his father, he founded the Wells Tool Company on Hope Street in Greenfield and became its president.  In addition, he and his father operated a large fruit farm in Shelburne.


Mr. Wells was also active in the community as a clerk of the All Souls Unitarian Church, a trustee of the Franklin Savings Institution and Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School

(now Stoneleigh-Burnham School), and a member of the Republican Lodge of Masons.

His will is an unusual, self-written testament which will benefit many area residents for years to come.

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